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Choose a nice profile photo is very important on a dating site, you can choose the photos you want to share with all the people registered on the site, it is a way for you to give the best profile image, but also to illustrate your life in by including photos that will make people want to contact you.

The first seconds are very important

In online dating, users decide in a very short time whether or not to click on the link of an online profile page and generally, the absence of a photo leads to moving to the next profile 3 times out of 5, that's why 80% of profiles with a photo receive more visits and therefore more opportunities to start chatting with people, you have understood that it is in your interest to add at least 1 photo to get visits.

The shooting photo on dating site ?

To begin with, avoid selfies, your profile photo must be recent, because if it is 10 years old, it will probably cause problems on the date, the person may say: this is not you in the photo, so you lied about your physical appearance, so to avoid problems on the first date, it is necessary to use a photo that is similar to you in all aspects.

Here are some suggestions

  1. Ask a friend to take your picture or go to a photographer
  2. Take a recent picture or 2 in color and or black and white
  3. Stay natural during the shoot
  4. Have good lighting
  5. Dress simply
  6. Do not show your teeth while taking the picture
  7. Smile and look at the camera objective

How can sport help you

It is proven that sharing photos during a sporting activity, in this case you on a tennis court or golf course will have the effect of increasing to your advantage of course, the common interests with singles, trust your creativity but without falling into the ridiculous. As far as photos are concerned, you can also test several shots by uploading them for a few days, this will allow you to see the reaction of visitors and adjust in consequence.